Print Your Own Chemical Labels

thermal chemical label printers - print your own chemical labelsIt may make more sense for you to use generic blank labels and then print your own chemical labels using one of our thermal label printers with a resin ribbon. Using high-quality polypropylene material and high-grade marine standard permanent adhesives, your labels will meet GHS standards.

The printing process is simple:

  • We supply you with the label printer and software
  • We supply resin ribbons for thermal transfer printing using the printer
  • We supply labels in a range of sizes and with a varying number of red warning diamonds (you specify)

Please note: We can supply a range of label sizes as part of your order and each label size can be sub-divided to include a varying number of red diamonds for the warning symbols.

How do you print your own chemical labels

To print your own chemical labels, you load your printer with the appropriate labelling stock and ribbon supplied by us. You can then build a label using a combination of Label Direct software (supplied with the printer) and Microsoft Excel if you choose. If you have a large number of products requiring labelling, you simply choose the appropriate label (the one with the right number of red diamonds for your product) and design your label around that.

Once you are happy with the design, you can print as many copies as you like and include any variable data that may be appropriate such as barcodes or prices.

You can save the label design as a standalone label on your computer, ready to be called up again in the future. Alternatively, the information can be entered into a simple database (a table in Microsoft Excel or with the free productivity software Libre Office Calc). If you choose the latter method, all the appropriate labels can be stored and edited together using Microsoft Excel or Libre Office.

The standards label printer can accept labels up to 110mm wide so for labelling stillage greater than 500 litres we recommend a 6 inch printer.

Appropriate Label Sizes

Container Size Minimum Label Dimensions (mm) Minimum Pictogram Size (mm)
less than or equal to 3 litres 52mm x 74mm 10mm x 10mm but ideally no smaller than 16mm x 16mm
between 3 and 50 litres 74mm x 105mm 23mm x 23mm
between 50 to 500 litres 105mm x 148mm 32mm x 32mm
more than 500 litres 148mm x210 46mm x 46mm

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