Chemical Hazard Symbols

CHIP chemical hazard symbols are no longer legal. Since June 2015, the new GHS labelling system has been in place. The old orange and black symbols are now consigned to history.

The GHS is the Global Harmonised Standard for labelling and is an internationally agreed standard to try and harmonise chemical labelling. The main drivers for this of course are:

  • International Trade
  • Individual Protection
  • Environmental Protection

With standardised symbology for the chemical hazard symbols, chemical dangers and handling precautions are more simply conveyed to workers and the public when they come into contact with hazardous chemicals. The chemical hazard symbols are common in size, shape, and colour.

The old CHIP hazard labelling symbols are now consigned to the bin. They were fewer in number but some of the symbols have managed to stay relevant. The corrosive symbols and flame and oxidation symbols have remained. The cross has been axed in favour of irritant and exclamation symbols.

New Chemical Hazard Symbols

A new symbol showing the bust of a human with an eroded start on the chest now indicated products that exposure can cause long-term health effects.

The laws governing the protection of workers remains strong irrespective of these changes. Where workers are handling chemicals showing the chemical hazard symbols, businesses should provide workers with all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPP).

Businesses producing chemicals or requiring chemical labels can discuss their needs with us and we will help find a solution that suits their needs. There are two routes to go down:

  • Over-Printed Chemical Labels
  • Pre-Printed Chemical Labels

Over-Printed Chemical Labels

Over Printed chemcial labels can be prepared in house and used in conjunction with a label printer. For example, you could have a 4 inch spqayre label. We could pre-print the label with your logo and provide a number of red diamonds on the label.

You can then use some labelling software and a label printer such as a SOLO TM240 from our sister company Danro to print the technical details of your chemicals onto the label.

Pre-Printed Chemical Labels

For a superior finish, we can print full-colour chemical labels for you using our digital press. We possess an EFI Jetrion 4900 classic digital printer with laser die cutting station. This means awe can print labels up to 207mm wide and over 1000mm long. The label is then cut using the digital laser die cutting station.

This process negates the need for plates or cutting equipment and allows you to have full-colour labels printed in relatively short runs for a few pence per label.

If you want to discuss your labelling needs, just give us a call on 01332 864895 or fill in the contact form below: