Chemical Labels

chemical product labelsChemical Labels is a term used to cover a wide range of labels used in the application of chemical product labelling. There are a wide range of specific applications so please contact us to discuss any specific needs or performance standards you need us to manufacture to. We will give you a quote based on those needs.

The use for your labels will have a very specific impact on the label materials we use for your production run.

Chemical Labels: Substrates

The substrate is the material that the label is made from. This does not include the liner which the label sits on before being applied to your product. Our general chemical labels are suited to most consumer products and are manufactured using polypropylene material with an environmentally friendly permanent adhesive. We can offer to print your labels on a range of other substrates such as polyethylene, polyester or polyoleums. The different materials have a wide range of base costs and can have a dramatic effect on the overall price of your labels.

Chemical Labels: Adhesives

We offer a range of adhesives for your chemical labels including peelable, permanent, freezer grade adhesives and high-tack adhesives. High-tack adhesives are suited to mechanically aggressive industrial use (providing the laterial substrate is strong enough!).

If your chemical labels need to meet a specific recognise standard, please let us know about this so we can ensure we manufacture your chemical labels to that standard.

Chemical Labels: Ink Pigments

Generally speaking, we will manufacture your chemical labels using our Jetrion 4900 digital press and laser die cutting station. As such we use Jetrion proprietary UV inks which come with a minimum 2 year guarantee. UV inks are cured by using ultra-violet light – as such exposure to direct sunlight actually enhances the performance of the ink.

For longer runs of labels, we may give you a better price manufacturing labels on our Nilpeter 330 press. This press uses UV inks as well. UV inks give a glossy finish. The finish on the Nilpeter 330 is not as glossy as the finish on the Jetrion 4900

If you want to know more or would like a quote, please contact us using the form below or call us on 01332 864895