Chemical Warning Labels

chemical warning labelsWe manufacture chemical warning labels on rolls to meet Global Harmonised System including meeting BS5609.

Our digital press and laser die cutting equipment can produce chemical warning labels in no time at all. You can expect a 5-day turnaround.

Using the latest UV inkjet technology, our press can print your chemical warning labels in bright and vibrant colours. Because the press uses inkjet technology, there is no need to buy expensive printing plates and you can have whatever design you like. The ink is incredibly durable and perfectly legible after years in atrocious conditions.

Our press also incorporates a laser die cutting station so you can cut your chemical warning labels to any shape avoiding the need for investing in any new cutting dies or equipment. This means you can have your label fit your packaging perfectly.

Chemical Warning Labels Standards

The labels we manufacture can be made to withstand BS5609 including submersion in sea water for three months. We only use the highest standard adhesives so the label will adhere to the containers in all conditions.

Furthermore, the materials we use can be specified so you can be sure that the material will not degrade. Coupled with this, the inks we use are of the highest quality. Supplied by EFI, the printer uses inks that will not come away from the material.

Symbol Standards
The GHS prescribes the requirements for symbols to be specific sizes based on the quantities of chemical present in a container. We will ensure your label designs meet these minimum standards if not exceed them.

Container Size Minimum Label Dimensions (mm) Minimum Pictogram Size (mm)
less than or equal to 3 litres 52mm x 74mm 10mm x 10mm but ideally no smaller than 16mm x 16mm
between 3 and 50 litres 74mm x 105mm 23mm x 23mm
between 50 to 500 litres 105mm x 148mm 32mm x 32mm
more than 500 litres 148mm x210 46mm x 46mm

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